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Personalized Feeding Stations With PetWeighter

Feeding your dog or puppy might seem like one of the simplest aspects of canine ownership. However, finding the right food and accessories can be trickier than you think. Mealtimes are one of the most important parts of the day for any canine, so getting it right is essential.

Traditionally, owners would feed their pooches from any old bowl they could find. It quickly became clear, however, that this wasn’t an effective – or successful – way of ensuring your dog benefits from satisfying mealtimes. Just like your choice of dog food will depend on the size, breed and eating style of your dog, their feeding bowls should reflect their unique personality and characteristics too.

Raised Dog Bowls For Large Dogs

Extra-large breeds, such as the Scottish Deerhound, St Bernard, Mastiffs and Newfoundland, typically require elevated large dog bowls.

A Great Dane can easily reach 86cm in height, whilst it’s not uncommon for a Mastiff to reach a height of 78cm from floor to shoulder, so it’s not surprising they require extra tall dog bowls!

Only providing a standard feeding bowl for large dogs can quickly lead to problems. Firstly, the impact of continually straining awkwardly to eat or drink can cause unnecessary muscle and joint problems. Using high dog food bowls and dog bowls for tall dogs immediately remedies this issue and prevents large dogs from straining or slouching when they’re feeding.

Whether you’ve got a floppy-eared beagle who likes to drag his ears through his dinner, a colossal Great Dane who can reach the table but not the floor or a playful Labrador who can’t wait to scarf down his next serving, PetWeighter raised bowls ensure happy feeding times.


Whether you’re looking for the best dog bowls for large dogs, dog bowls with a stand for large dogs or a single raised dog dish, PetWeighter has everything you need. With customizable solutions for canine families of any size, a non-splash dog water bowl and raised food and water bowls for dogs make mealtimes easier for everyone!

Similarly, extra-large dogs could suffer from digestive issues when trying to eat or drink from a standard-sized bowl instead of extra-large dog bowl stands. If they’re unable to stand comfortably while eating, your beloved pet may regurgitate its food or experience discomfort whilst eating and following a meal.

By switching to big dog bowls and raised feeding bowls for large dogs, you can ensure that your dog can eat or drink comfortably. As a result, any unnecessary digestive discomfort can be avoided by using PetWeighter™ raised dog dishes for large dogs.

Whilst bigger breeds obviously require elevated dog bowls for large dogs, it isn’t just extra-large dogs that can benefit from weighted dog bowls and raised dog food dishes. In fact, large and medium-sized breeds can benefit from heavy-weight dog bowls too.

If you’re looking for the best dog bowls for German Shepherds or elevated dog bowls for medium dogs, for example, PetWeighter is just what you need. Designed to cater for dogs of all sizes, our unique heavy dog bowls are the ultimate raised pet bowls for large dogs.

While Labradors, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds may not seem excessively large, you’ll soon realize just how big they are when they try to get comfy on your lap! With average heights of 62cm, 61cm and 65cm respectively, they still require large dog elevated feeders.

However, it isn’t just larger breeds that need raised food and water bowls for dogs. Medium breeds, such as Poodles, Spaniels and Boxers, can require large dog food bowls and a no-spill dog water bowl too. At PetWeighter, we’re committed to giving your dog exactly what he or she needs.

Why Do Dogs Knock Over Their Food Bowls?

Knocking over a food bowl or slopping water all over the floor isn’t unusual canine behaviour. In fact, it’s not uncommon for pups to try and swim in their water bowls or sleep in their food bowl! With the best dog food bowls, you can curtail this behaviour straight away and ensure your pup knows how to use elevated dog food and water bowls appropriately.

However, there are many reasons why dogs knock of their food bowls – and an elevated pet dish or heavy pet water bowl from PetWeighter can solve them all.

If your dog is regularly tipping up its food bowl, it may be because it simply can’t access the food you’re serving. If their current bowl is too shallow or too near the floor, for example, your pet may not be able to eat unless he or she tips their food onto the floor. If so, extra-large dog bowls and deep dog bowls are simple ways of eliminating this unwanted behaviour.

Raising their feeding station by using plastic elevated dog feeders or a tall dog water bowl minimises the need for larger dogs to tip their food bowls.

With dedicated large dog bowls, elevated dog bowls for large breeds and extra-large raised dog bowls, PetWeighter ensures you can feed your dog effectively, regardless of its size.


Following in-depth research into canine behaviour and food consumption, our award-winning elevated food bowl for dogs ensures your faithful friend can eat and drink safely and comfortably.

Non-Tip Dog Bowls

Of course, some dogs like to tip their food bowls for fun or simply because they’re eager to get to their dinner. If you’re using a lightweight bowl, for example, even a small dog will easily push it across the floor when they attempt to eat or drink.

Often the, best dog bowl is one that offers a decent amount of resistance. When you use weighted pet bowls or heavy-duty dog bowls, for example, your pet can happily get to their food and drink without sending their weighted pet food bowls flying.

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The PetWeighter product is brilliant, and a brilliant success with our dogs - we'd recommend it to anyone.

The products are fantastic. I have ordered from Petweighter a few times and have never been disappointed! I would never go back to normal bowls for my dogs!

Great products. Fill them with water and they don't slide across the floor! Easily cleaned and seemingly our dog is much more comfortable eating and drinking from raised bowls. Nice range of colours too.

No More Moving Meals!