Put A Stop To Water Spillages To Prevent Dogs Hiding Dehydration 16th July 2016

Brand new and unique dog bowl, PetWeighter™, has welcomed the dehydration initiative, which created the world’s biggest dog bowl (on July 14, 2016) to remind dog owners that dogs need water in hot weather, but says it is equally important that owners put a stop to water spillages.

A healthy dog should be drinking 0.5oz-1oz of water, per pound of body fat, each day, so a 65-Pound Labrador should drink a daily total of a quarter to half a gallon of water. In reality, many dogs do not drink sufficient amounts of water to keep them healthy, due to spillage.

PetWeighter™ was actually designed to ensure diabetic Schnauzer, Charlie, had enough water to stay as healthy as possible. Like most dogs, Charlie was prone to spilling his water because of constantly nudging and shifting his bowl. This not only deprived him of hydration, but also made it impossible for his owner to know how much water he had actually drunk, as opposed to spilling.

PetWeighter™ puts an end to the pondering over doggy water consumption. This robust, two-tier product has a removable bowl on top of a base that can be filled with water, sand, a combination of water or sand, or ice, simply by unscrewing a cap and then securing it again once filled.

A detachable bowl can be filled with food or water and replace to sit on top of the immovable base, which can weigh up to 13kg. That makes it impossible for even a large dog to push around the floor, tip or nudge, whilst little puppies can’t reach the elevated bowl can steal mum’s water or food.

Having the bowl at a greater height, 21 cm from the floor on which the base is sitting, also prevents humans from accidentally stepping into it, but has another benefit. Not having to bend to drink or eat puts less strain on the dog’s joints – a strain that could deter a pooch from wanting to drink the vital water that keeps it hydrated.

The detachable bowl can still be easily cleaned – even in a dishwasher – and then aligned with the base again and gently pushed back into place. It’s simplicity itself.

The PetWeighter™ is currently available as a large, red bowl on a dark grey base. Medium bowls, and both turquoise blue and pink bowls, will be available from September.

PetWeighter™ has been created by Peak Pet Products Ltd and costs £28.99. It can be bought at good pet shops, or online at Amazon. For more details visit

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